Cooking tips

  • To make the onions saute faster, add a pinch of salt .
  • If the curry is watery or if you prefer thick gravy, add l tsp of corn flour or rice powder.
  • To make soft and crispy poori, add l tsp of rava or semolina in the poori dough.
  • Add lukewarm water to the chappati dough, to get soft chappattis. It will stay soft for 2 days.
  • Add pinch of sugar to the sliced onion, in order to caramalise or brown it faster.
  • Instead of water,add milk to make battooras ( deep fried indian bread).You will get soft batooras.
  • Place coriander leaves and curry leaves in a container with lid ,lined with tissue paper and refrigerate. It will stay fresh for l week. 
  • Remove the top stem of green chillies and store in a container with lid lined with tissue paper. It will stay fresh for few weeks.
  • If your curry or gravy turns salty,add half of raw potato or half a slice of raw onion on top of it. It will absorb more salt.