About Me

I am Faheema Basheer, a Keralite,born and brought up in U.A.E. I stay in Dubai with my hubby and a 3 yr old son. Like most of the ladies, I got interested in cooking after marriage.Before marriage,I never bother about cooking food.I just ate whatever mom cooked. Now, I realised the value of mom after marriage.When I am cooking for first time,it went worse....Lucky that I am blessed with hubby who have tons of patience.He didn't scold me about the flop food...He knew that I will definitely become a good cook by learning from my previous flops.Now my hubby likes most of the food I cooked. I strongly believed in proverb ' Try, try until you succeed'.

Earlier, I used to take photos of the food I cooked and shared it through Whatsapp and Facebook. My relatives and friends used to ask for the recipe. One of my friend suggest me to start a page for cooking. I too think its a good idea. Finally, I decided to start the blog with the support of my sisters,friends and also my darling hubby too . I treat it as a future reference,so my relatives,friends and others can refer too.With the emergence of Internet and blog,its truly a blessing ..

My mom is definitely my teacher at cooking.She is a good cook.she makes varieties of curry with different flavour...I am happy that I got some replica of her cooking,though not 100 percentage :). I am proud to belong to Northern part of Kerala, which represents varieties of malabari dishes. Most of the recipes here are homemade and tried by myself. The recipes mentioned here are taken from my relatives, friends, magazines, facebook pages, google and also my own successful recipes :). I did not consider myself a very good cook, but I share the recipes which is tasty and successful in my kitchen .. My ultimate aim is to help beginners or newbie in cooking..I'll try my level best to include more recipes and if possible will include step by step pictures of cooking..

Most of the recipe photos are taken from my smartphone, Samsung S3 and Sony DSC-HX300 digital camera..Photos are edited using 'Picasa 3' software..

Images posted in each recipes are subject to Copyright..No one is allowed to copy-paste the images to other source without the permission of author..Hope you understand the hard work required for it...

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