Friday, July 10, 2015

Kinna Pathal - Steamed Layered Rice Pancakes ( Malabar Spl)

Today, I am sharing a Malabar Special item, Kinna Pathal..In Malayalam 'kinnam' means big vessel which is used for steaming and 'pathal' or 'pathiri' means rice flatbread..But,here pathiri/pathal texture is of pancake,as it is made by steaming..It is made by adding one ladle full of rice batter in a greased plate and kept it for steaming for few minutes till cooked, then ghee is greased on top and another ladle full of rice batter is added on cooked first layer and kept again for steaming till second layer is cooked, then ghee is greased on top, third ladle full of rice is added and closed for steaming till cooked and so on...This process is repeated till all the layer is used up...In short, it can be also called steamed layer rice pancake..This process is time consuming,but its a worth..It taste so delicious and it has a soft texture..It goes well with any non veg curries of your choice like chicken,mutton or beef gravy...In order to save time, do make this dish while making curry at same time i.e another gas burner,you can steam by adding one ladle full of batter,close the lid till first layer is cooked and you can proceed making the gravy required for side dish same time..Then continue pouring second layer and continue the step..Its my umma's trick to save time..Cooking time depends upon the vessel used for steaming..I used two small steel plates, as it will cook fast..
There is masala kinnapathal too which is made in similar way..Difference is chicken/prawns/beef masala is added each cooked layer and process is repeated..I'll share this version later..Now, I am sharing plain one which is required for gravy...I am sharing this recipe for beginners or others who are eager to prepare this dish..For easy understanding, I am including with step by step pictures..Hope it will be helpful.Lets go to the recipe :)..

Recipe Courtesy: Umma

  • Basmati Rice /Jeerakashala rice - 1 glass
  • Thick Coconut milk - 3 to 4 cups**
  • Egg - 1 no.
  • Cardamom - 2 no.s
  • Salt - required
  • Ghee + vegetable oil mixed together - 4 to 5 tbsp required for greasing..
  • Soak Basmati / Jeerakashala rice for 4 to 5 hours..Wash and drain it..
  • In a blender or mixi, add washed basmati /jeerakashala rice,egg and cardamom and blend by using coconut milk..
  • Do not add all coconut milk at one go,other wise its difficult to grind..add 1 cup coconut milk and blend it without any rice grains visible..Then add remaining coconut milk little at a time and blend again..Consistency of the batter should be very thin and watery i.e thinner than normal dosa batter..

 Kinnapathal Batter
  • Heat the steamer by adding little water on the steamer stand on top, grease 1 tsp ghee + veg oil on steel or aluminium tin or wide plate and place that on steamer stand..I made it in two small steel plates, in order to save time..I have 2 stands in my steamer, so its easy for me..If you have one stand in your steamer,you can use any large aluminium/steel tin or plate.

Ghee + Veg mixture

Use any one: greased small 2 plates or one large aluminium tin
  • Pour one ladle full of rice batter on greased plate,close the lid of the steamer and cook it till done..

First ladle full of kinnapathal batter poured

Cooked 1st kinnapathal layer
  • Spread 1 tsp ghee + veg oil on top of cooked first layer..

                    ghee + veg oil mixture on cooked 1st layer spreaded..
  • Pour second ladle full of batter on top of first cooked layer, close the lid of the steamer and cook till done..

Second batter poured on cooked lst layer and proceed the step.
  • Spread 1 tsp ghee + veg oil again,pour the third ladle full of rice batter on top,close the lid of steamer and cook til done..
  • Continue the step till all the batter is used up..No need to spread ghee on final top layer...Cook for 3 to 4 mins in a medium flame..
  • When all the layers are cooked, off the flame..Take out the plate which contains kinna pathal and drain the remaining ghee carefully..allow to cool completely.

Cooked Kinnapathal
  • Draw the knife along the sides of the plate and de mold it on plate..
  • Cut into triangle shapes and serve it with any combination spicy non veg gravy of your choice..
  • To make thick coconut milk: Take large handful of shredded coconut and pour 4 to 5 cups of water and blend thoroughly in a mixi/blender..Using strainer,pour the coconut mixture into it and squeeze the coconut...You will get about 3 to 4 cups..
  • Make sure, the batter of kinna pathal should be very thinner than dosa batter..Do not make it into thick kinna pathal will not taste good..
  • If the grinded coconut milk mixture is not enough,never mind, grind by adding little water..
  • If there is remaining coconut milk after grinding,store it in refrigerator and you can use it in any gravies while cooking..